Welcome to The Tango Tiger

Our mission is to share and promote the Culture of Tango around the world through its artistic expression.
Tango is one of the most sensuous dance of the world.

Tango is for All

Our vision is to unite cultures and generations through the art of Tango!


Our Team

Our team is dedicated to carry out our mission and vision. For those craving to learn tango, there are many opportunities. Though each of the forms tend to impart the basic essentials of this dance genre in a unique style. One such form that proves to be very useful is an online dance school.

For the tango fanatics who are hard pressed for time, the online dancing school proves to be the best alternate to learn tango. With the tango instructors providing training sessions through this medium and with homely atmosphere to back you up to the hilt, learning through this powerful medium becomes the ideal alternative to learn this dance form.